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Why is a professional facial so important? October 11, 2010

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A professional facial consists of 6 basic steps; cleansing, steam/exfoliation, extraction/high frequency, massage, mask and hydration. While it is true that there are certain aspects of a facial that are just as easily performed at home in your bathroom sink, the main reason a professional facial treatment is so important is the 3 middle steps; exfoliation, extraction and massage.

There are exfoliation creams and scrubs that can be used at home (and should be on a regular basis), but your Aesthetician has access to exfoliant products that can get much more effective results and in some cases drastically speed up the rate of cell turn over. Enzymes, acids of varying levels and micro-dermabrasion are just a few forms of exfoliation available from your Aesthetician during a professional facial.

For those with any kind of blockage in the pores, professional extraction is extremely important to keep the pores clean and functioning properly. A skilled Aesthetician will remove pore blockages such as comodones (black heads), milia (hard white bumps) and pimples (white heads) without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. High Frequency which is a very low electric current can then be used to kill bacteria in the recently extracted pore and also kill bacteria under the skin that can cause new pimples, cysts and boils. High frequency also stimulates circulation and promotes growth of collagen and elastin.

Facial massage is also a very important step as it stimulates circulation and helps to improve elasticity. Lymphatic massage can also help with detoxification and ease sinus pressure. Skin tone can also be improved with facial massage while relaxing facial tension that can cause wrinkles.

With proper home maintenance, a monthly professional facial treatment will keep your skin looking youthful, healthy and bright. Call your Aesthetician today.

Here’s to healthy skin – Kristin Malone

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5 Responses to “Why is a professional facial so important?”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Kristin is amazing, I have been getting facials and massages from her for year and there is no one better. She leaves you feeling relaxed and healthy.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    LOVE HER! I have her to thank for my great skin and she’s always helped with any pain! She really knows her stuff and is great at explaining any treatment!

  3. Cassandra Says:

    Nice article! Totally informative.

  4. Natalie Says:

    Who are those GORGEOUS people in those pictures? 🙂

    Really, Kristin is wonderful! I’ve received facials from her and it’s always a pleasant experience – she really knows what she is doing.

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