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What came first, the headache or the neck pain? October 11, 2010

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Remember the saying about the chicken and the egg? Nowhere is this more true than in the human body. Our bones, muscles, nerves and organs are all connected down to the smallest cell. Sometimes your pain and discomfort can get to a level so extreme, you don’t remember what came first, the pain in your neck or the throbbing in your head. This is why it is so important to address aches and pains no matter how small at the early stages.

Kristin Malone Spa Therapy Headache Massage

That foot pain that’s been causing you to have a small limp can eventually turn into un-even hips, causing lower and upper back pain, miss-aligning the spine and pinching a nerve in your neck which sends shooting pain and numbness down your arms and don’t forget the splitting headache that will accompany all of this pleasure. While this is an unlikely exaggeration of events, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Too many people walk around every day putting up with small discomforts thinking they are not big enough to cause any real problems and wait to consult a Doctor or a Massage Therapist until they are in excruciating pain.

While a massage treatment can’t solve every problem that ails you (I haven’t performed any knee or hip replacements in my practice), it can help ease the symptoms and side effects caused by the initial ailment keeping small aches and pains from becoming big ones. If there is something that’s been bothering you, make an appointment with your Doctor and then make an appointment with your Massage Therapist. Don’t wait so long that you can no longer remember what came first.

Massage to your health – Kristin Malone


One Response to “What came first, the headache or the neck pain?”

  1. THis I can TOTALLY relate to! I always get neck and headaches. Good to know!

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