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Do you need a massage? October 11, 2010

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Yes! Everyone does. In the fast pace world we live in, our nervous systems go haywire since the flight or fight response never really gets a chance to turn off resulting in stress. When our bodies are under constant stress the muscles contract and over time, this constant contraction causes the muscles to shorten which is what we call tension. The cause of your stress can be mental (worry about work, bills, your kids, etc.) or physical (overexerting your muscles or causing repetitive stress injury by using one muscle group in the same way over and over.) A massage can soften and lengthen the muscles and calm the mind creating a relaxation response in the body. Even if you feel like you don’t have much pain or stress in your life, a massage can help to prevent small muscle tensions from becoming big problems. Don’t wait until you’re in pain. Relax, enjoy the hour you receive to free yourself from everyday routines and mental over-stimulation.

A good tip is to book a standing appointment at regular intervals, be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Not only will this make you more likely to take the time out for yourself, but most Therapists will be willing to negotiate the price of treatments for a regularly scheduled client. A lot of Therapists also sell packages (multiple treatments at a reduced price) also.

Just Breathe…Go schedule a massage now-Kristin Malone

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