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How often should you have a facial? October 1, 2010

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I would recommend for most people to have a facial once a month. Skin cells are continuously turning over creating dead skin cell build up on the surface and this build up can cause the skin to look dull and possibly flaky. Without proper professional exfoliation those skin cells will also form a barrier on the surface of the skin that will not allow for proper detoxification leading to congestion in the pores. A monthly facial treatment is like a deep cleaning to keep the skin and its pores functioning properly leaving you with smooth, healthy looking skin.

Kristin Malone Spa Therapy Facial

Those who have a specific issue such as active congested skin in need of a lot of extractions or mature sluggish skin with wrinkles, will benefit from a weekly or bi-weekly facial treatments for up to six weeks. Some conditions require a more aggressive approach and this will allow the Aesthetician to monitor the skin and keep it on the right track toward monthly facial maintenance.

It’s important to use the proper products when you are at home. Your Aesthetician will recommend good products to make part of your home care routine. A facial will only go so far without proper home maintenance.

Here’s to healthy skin-Kristin Malone


One Response to “How often should you have a facial?”

  1. Since I started getting facials, I really see a difference!

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